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Trucking Law Attorneys

In a matter of seconds, a trucking accident can result in serious injury and damage to life, limb and property. Whether you are potentially a plaintiff or defendant, an immediate investigation is critical to preserving evidence, developing testimony and ensuring the ability to either successfully prosecute or defend a trucking accident lawsuit.

Our lawyers are adept at immediately investigating trucking accident scenes and protecting our client’s rights. By obtaining early accident investigation and reconstruction, Michel and Ward, P.C. help guide their clients through the storm that often follows a trucking accident. If you have been involved in a trucking accident, you need to call an experienced trucking accident law firm immediately.

Why Is Trucking Accident Experience Important?

Trucking accident experience is important because the laws, rules and regulations that come into play differ from the rules governing automobiles. Michel and Ward, P.C. has the experience to help determine whether the parties involved in an accident were in compliance with those laws, rules, and regulations, including such matters as proper loading, driving, sleep, equipment inspections, background searches etc.

In addition, the preservation of evidence is critical in trucking accident cases and in conjunction with the initial investigation, trucking accident attorneys should put all potential parties including the motor carrier and truck driver on notice to preserve evidence. It is important to send such a notice immediately and often times, attorneys fail to do so.

As in every aspect of litigation, there is a right way and a wrong way to place parties on notice to preserve evidence. If you have questions arising from a trucking accident and need answers, please contact us today.


Michel and Ward are sensitive to each client’s unique needs and understand that for some, litigation can be a complex, time consuming and expensive venture. The firm represents clients ranging from large corporate clients (i.e. corporations, insurers etc.) to individuals who have suffered a loss. Michel and Ward are committed to charging affordable, hourly rates for their larger clients and representing individuals, whenever possible, on a contingency basis. This is critically important for victims of trucking accidents as they often face a huge financial burden as their bills increase and they are unable to return to work. When a trucking accident case is taken on a contingency basis, you are not responsible for any attorney’s fees unless the case is successful. And we pride ourselves in helping our trucking law clients understand the legal process every step of the way so that they and their families can focus on getting better, rather than the lawsuit.

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