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Winning the War Against Opioid Addiction and Abuse

By Kevin Bingham and Alix Michel and David Ward Summary: We have come a long way in the battle against opioid addiction in a relatively short time, and a better long-term solution could be just around the corner. As we move forward with winning the war against opioid addiction, it can sometimes

The Challenging Task of Stemming Opioid Abuse

BY KEVIN B INGHAM, ALIX MICHEL, DAVID WARD, AND RANDOLPH GORDON, M D In the first quarter 2013 issue of Physician Insurer, our article, “The Opioid Abuse Epidemic—Turning the Tide” discussed what state and federal agencies have been doing to combat this epidemic, and related how physicians and


The Opiod

Opioid overdoses kill more people than all street drug combined. In fact, they kill more people than automobile accidents in the United States. This article, authored by Alix and David, as well as a physician and an insurance industry insider, lays out those life altering statistics. Click Here

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